A Tinnitus* treatment based on actual science

Lullaby can lower your Tinnitus' volume and improve your quality of life with an experimental treatment designed specifically for you.

It's free and open source, & always will be.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that causes you to permanently hear a sound that doesn't exist.

You can actually try it out for yourself! Raise the volume on your device and press this button:

Annoying, isn't it? Tinnitus sounds like that, but for the rest of your life. As you can probably guess, it can be very stressful and, even though it affects more than a billion people, there's a ton of bad information about it.

Lullaby provides a way to deal with this condition by implementing some well researched treatments in one convenient place, completely free.

Wait... Science you said?

Lullaby combines two tried-and-tested techniques to help reduce your Tinnitus volume and the stress that comes with it:

Notched White Noise

With a reported noise reduction ranging between 30 and 80%, this is one of the most promising therapies around. Patients show noticeable results after just one month of treatment.

Since long term Tinnitus is caused by misbehaving neurons, this treatment works by creating a track of white noise tailored specifically for you, targeting the broken neurons in your auditory cortex. This trains your brain to stop paying attention to those neurons and gradually lowers the volume of your Tinnitus.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

By combining white noise with a specific set of instructions for the volume and length of each treatment session, Lullaby helps you get used to your Tinnitus.

Instead of masking the sound (a quick fix that offers no long term solutions) we progressively expose you to that sound so your brain learns to process it as non-threatening. This helps you deal with the stress associated with the condition. As you progress along your treatment, whatever grade of Tinnitus remains should feel about as noticeable as your fridge.

What results can I expect?

You can expect a 20% reduction in volume after 3 months and a 30-80% reduction after 12 months

Improvements are permanent after doing a full round of treatment, and some people report results as early as 4 weeks into the treatment. Keep in mind that the results of both parts of the treatment might vary:

Notched White Noise

This works best for pure tone Tinnitus (ie: a monotone, high pitched sound) with frequencies below 10000hz and mild to no hearing loss. Luckily, this includes the vast majority of people with Tinnitus and will help reduce your Tinnitus' volume.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

However, even if the first part doesn't work, the components in this treatment that help with stress and insomnia are proven to work as long as you follow the instructions. So while it may not directly alleviate your condition, it should help make the symptoms more manageable.

graph from tinnitusjournal.com
Chart showing WWN being the most effective treatment
Noise reduction in dB with Notched White Noise (WWN) compared to other techniques